Museum's Sheffield - Beat the Beasts

The Brief

Following the success of the first on-site game, Attack of the Tempus Fugitives for Museum’s Sheffield, we were asked to pitch for a new game that would be part of Weston Park Museum’s £1million, Bright Future re-development project, launching on Saturday October 22nd.

The brief came from the Weston Park team, who wanted an interactive game experience aimed at 7 to 12 year old’s to complement the new Natural Sciences exhibits, in the What on Earth gallery.

Not only did the experience need to be educational but it also needed to be fun to capture the imagination of the children it’s aimed at.

The Game

The final game illustrates the power of nature, by measuring how certain animals would compete with humans, in terms of strength and ability, if we were the same size.

In order for the experience to be engaging it needed to have an element of accomplishment or competition too.

So the players are presented with three sporting events, each with a random choice of animal, the player decides if they think the animal or the human will win; dung beetle vs. human in a weight lifting competition – you decide!

The answer is revealed after a fun animation sequence (the dung beetle aced it by the way!) along with a quirky fact about the power of the animal in relation to our human world. At the end of the three events, the player is awarded a bronze, silver or gold on-screen medal.

Take it in turns please!

We wanted to make sure that it could be played in small chunks so that if siblings or a small school group were gathered around, there is a clear point at which somebody’s “turn” was over and everybody could have an equal go (we really didn’t want to contribute to anybody’s tears).

All of these considerations make for a fun and educational game perfect for the on-site audience.

If you are in or around Sheffield and have little humans in tow, we urge you to support Weston Park Museum, it’s a great place to visit and play and you never know, you might even learn something.

Beat the Beasts Screengrab

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