Coors Light Ice Cave Challenge

Remember the Coors Light Ice Cave Rave ad? Who could resist Jean-Claude Van Damme in his leather loafers and white socks rocking double denim, pulled along across the snowy terrain by his faithful husky’s trying to find the elusive ice cave, in his eternal quest for the coldest of beers!? Well….

The brief

Dublin based agency CKSK wanted a game to promote the Dublin leg of the Coors Light Ice Cave tour (a ticketed event to enter a pop-up inner city ice cave bar) and our runner game engine was the perfect match. They opted for a full re-skin, which allowed us to transform the game environment into a wintry wonderland to seamlessly fit the whole Coors Light campaign.

Our explorer runs across the snowy mountain ranges in search of the elusive Ice Cave avoiding all sorts of obstacles in his way, from treacherous rope bridges to tar pits and snowy mounds.

Your task is to help him run over a certain distance to be in with a chance of winning some sought after VIP tickets to the Ice Cave.

The results

The game performed brilliantly with an average play session lasting just over 10 minutes and each player replaying the game over 20 times. This audience clearly like a game, between them they played for a total of 63 hours the week it launched! Good effort.

What the client said

“First impressions were very strong. The team were enthusiastic and very responsive to our requests… The solution completely matched our expectations and was delivered seamlessly.”

Coors Light Ice Cave Challenge

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