Jack's Epic Adventure

Jack’s Epic Adventure, has been DFDS’s most successful game yet. Engagement and brand messaging was perfectly aligned in this addictive flyer.

The brief

In addition to a game that would engage their online customers, DFDS also wanted to showcase and promote their additional on-board facilities, like the Navigators Bar, Little Italy Restaurant and Explorer’s Steakhouse.

With the brief in mind, we set out to re-skin our white label flyer engine, with custom graphics and functionality.

The game

DFDS’s mascot, Jack the Pirate, is our hero, he flies through the skies, over ports and across the seas, past DFDS holiday destinations, picking up coins and ‘on-board’ restaurant-powered mega boosts along the way.

The game was hinged on a competition to win an Apple Watch and players could unlock special offers by collecting points.

In addition to the overall free prize draw to win the watch, to increase levels of re-engagement and to create a wider social circle of players for the game, we also developed a second tier competition for the Top 100 players.

An email loop notified players if they had dropped off the Top 100 or if one of their connected friends had beaten their score – so they could re-visit the game and rectify the situation immediately!

The results

Turns out 45% of players who received the email notification went back to play the game again, which we’re over the moon (or seas) about!

It was also played over 10,000 times with an average player engagement time of 22 minutes. Epic! 😉

What the client said

“We are thrilled with the success of the game. DFDS is becoming synonymous with online games, as long as they keep delivering, we’ll keep making them!”

Watch this space for Jack the Pirates’ next adventure!

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