Fairly OddParents - Scary GodParents

Fairly OddParents – Scary GodParents is a quickfire arcade mobile browser game for Nickelodeon, based on their long-running series The Fairly OddParents. The game was designed around a specific episode of the show which finds Timmy Turner and his fairly odd Fairy Godparents at the mercy of evil babysitter Rosalind as she unleashes the monstrous Tuba-Cabra (an instrument of menace who preys on any kids not keeping up with their tuba practice!)

The game was developed using HAXE Flambé to produce both Flash and HTML5 versions appropriate for use on desktop and mobile platforms. Players are challenged to tap or click to steer Timmy around the park and rescue his friends from their own school lockers while faced with ten levels of increasing difficulty, rabid badgers and the prowling Tuba-Cabra itself.

Even as our games go, this is a fairly odd one!

Fairly OddParents – Scary GodParents is currently hosted on Nickelodeon’s U.S. website and included within the Nick iOS app.

Client: Nickelodeon

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Fairly OddParents - Scary GodParents Screengrab

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