Dick and Dom's HOOPLA! for CBBC.

Roll up, roll up for our BAFTA-nominated* carnival of chaos! If you know the names ‘Dick and Dom’, you’ll know what to expect from their sideshow-themed extravaganza HOOPLA on CBBC.

Play by yourself, against a friend sitting next to you using different parts of the keyboard and now… drum roll please… against your online CBBC friends by using our real time online multiplayer feature. Play any game live against your opponent and try and sabotage them at the same time!

In Duck Down, we challenge you to stop those pesky clown kids riding ducks up to steal your prizes and in Snot Shot, try and dunk Dick and Dom in icky sticky stuff. Steer the claw to grasp all the prizes horrible baby Derek is screaming for in Grabby Grab and keep the plates spinning fast enough to make their tiny passengers vomit in Plate Sick Spin!

Featuring deluxe artwork, loony gameplay, strange prizes and the voice talents of Dick and Dom themselves, the team proudly invites you to join us for all the fun of the fair!

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Hoopla Hoopla

(*Best Online-Browser Game 2013)

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