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Melbourne Man

Server hosting company, Melbourne, wanted a cost-effective game to share with their clients and staff. They opted for our white label customisable runner game, with a few additional tweaks, which suited their budget and their delivery schedule.

We animated their pre-existing company mascot, Melbourne Man, a superhero type character who keeps your servers safe; his cape floats majestically behind him as he hurdles over the rooftops and obstacles in his way!


Melbourne ran a competition to boost the data capture element of their campaign; players who ran further than 500m were asked to submit their details for a place on the leaderboard and to be entered into a free prize draw to win an iPad Mini.

Charity Totaliser

Another additional element that Melbourne included in their custom game was a charity fundraising totaliser, for every player who ran over 500m and submitted their score, Melbourne donated £5 to charity, with the totaliser on the menu screen updating in real time.


Melbourne shared the game with their mailing list and promoted it through their social media channels. On average during the launch period, players spent 11 minutes playing the game and to date they have raised nearly £800 for children’s charity, Lumos.

Great engagement figures for Melbourne, fun for their clients and money for charity too. That’s what you call a win-win.

Melbourne Man Screenshot

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