Nurse Quest: Love Hurts

Joining the ranks of [adult swim]‘s array of online flash games, Team Cooper’s sister-company Robot/Lizard proudly presents ‘Nurse Quest: Love Hurts‘ – a darkly comic ‘point and click’-style adventure game of misguided affection and humiliating injuries.

Nurse Quest‘ puts you in the scuffed shoes of hapless hero Geoff Jefferson who falls for the aloof Nurse Julia after a daft accident sends him to the emergency room. Geoff decides the only way to impress Julia is by staging injuries that will make him seem brave and manly. It’s up to you to help Geoff hurt himself in the most impressive way possible.

With its twisted sense of humour, the game challenges players to find the right way to use potentially dangerous items, navigate dialogue trees to convince strangers to aid you in your quest and play fun mini-games as Geoff explores nearby locales in search of that perfect injury. Harkening back to the likes of LucasArts ‘Escape From Monkey Island’ games, the Team had a real blast devising and designing multiple ways to simultaneously entertain you and abuse our hero. If you get stuck, there’s always Geoff’s walkthrough guide.

Join the Quest. You’ll laugh until it hurts… Geoff.

Client: [adultswim]

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Nurse Quest

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