Last year, Topps, top publishers of hit sticker collections for brands like Doctor Who, the Premier League, Moshi Monsters and Ben 10, approached us to build an application that enabled users to turn their own Facebook albums into personalised sticker books which would then be delivered to your front door.

Keen for the technical challenge (as well as wanting to be the star of their own sticker albums), the team started investigating ways to integrate seamlessly with Facebook’s Graph API to allow a perfectly smooth flow of data retrieval from Facebook to the album application. Additional challenges included introducing the ability to Paypal payments for the finished product as well as the application packaging up the user’s images and captions within the framework so that it can be sent on to be easily printed.

The team worked hard to make an intuitive, easy-to-use process that digitally re-created the experience of arranging your own photo album but with a sticker book twist ideal for gifts or a fun way of treasuring memories.

Why not see what your own album would look like and which pictures stick?


Client: Topps

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