Team Cooper's Conga Challenge.

Welcome to the off-the-shelf version of our very popular Conga engine, The Conga Challenge.

An office-based party engine, where the aim of the game is to rack up as many points as possible, by navigating your party-goer around the office, picking up colleagues to the end of your Conga line and collecting coins to boost you final score.  You must keep the conga going by adding more people to your line or the party is over!

Make it your own

This fun and addictive game offers a multitude of in-game branding opportunities, including the opportunity to put your company logo on the posters, computer screens and banners around the office environment.

We can also adapt the game’s colour palette to suit your brand, change the in-game copy to reflect your message and add your own leaderboard driven competition for data collection.

Proven Engagement

This engine has produced great engagement results for our clients, with average play sessions ranging from 11 to 15 minutes per player with an average re-play of around 20 times per player.

This is a perfect game to boost a brand or marketing campaign with a fun competition mechanic, all ready to launch in less than 2 weeks and starting at £2k.

Competition time!  

To celebrate the launch of our second off-the-shelf engine, we ran a competition to win £50 worth of Amazon vouchers, players were asked to play the game, submit their score to the leaderboard to be entered into a free prize draw. Competition now closed.

Off the shelf Conga Challenge

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