Top GPS tracking folk Yellowbrick asked Team Cooper to help visualise the yacht races they provide GPS tracking units to. The result not only allowed race entrants to view their own progress but also provided the public a chance to spectate and cheer on the whole event from the comfort of their own computers (without any of that getting wet malarkey).

The team really enjoyed this project and are dead proud of the result of all their hard work. The fact that the tool had over 2.6 million views in its first season, seeing the tracker rental stock nearly double in this time are just an awesome added bonus.

So far, we’ve watched the race viewer track 98 yacht races and over 200 treks and expeditions all across the globe, Yellowbrick’s tracker fleet transmitting 1.3 million position reports between them.

Even if a contest is halfway round the world, it’s clear audiences are enjoying keeping an eye on their favourite entrant. Each of our visitors stays on the viewer page for an average of 7 minutes and 20 seconds each time they pop by so frankly, whether you’re in the race or watching from home, everyone’s a winner!

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